JOYDIVISION Celebrates 20 Years and Rocks EroFame

By on December 7, 2014

It is always a home game for JOYDIVISION at the eroFame and this year they certainly made sure to take the field advantage. And in occasion of its 20th Anniversary, JOYDIVISION made sure that the amazement did not stop there.

JOYDIVISION Angels pampered visitors with delicious finger foods, Champaign, blue cocktails and cotton candy in fluffy clouds, while mesmerizing drape acrobats put on a stunning performance. To top things off, daily giveaways let some lucky winners leave the JOYDIVISION village with exclusive prizes such as Samsung Galaxy S5’s, gift bags and limited edition wines. The main prize though surely put the icing on the Anniversary cake:

JOYDIVISION, the German powerhouse of sensual erotic lifestyle products felt nothing less would have been more fitting to share their success of 20 years than with a brand new Porsche 911 or 100,000 EURO’s in cash! Its exclusivity, individuality and craftsmanship are exactly on par with JOYDIVISION’s own philosophy.

“And the winner is JOYDIVISION”! A sentence quite familiar to the global company and the eroFame 2014 was no exception. 4 more prestigious awards were bestowed to JOYDIVISION whose products are all made in Germany. The EROTIX Award honored JOYDIVISION as “Best European Manufacturer”, the acclaimed Soft-Tampons were voted „Best Female Product Category Hygiene“ and AQUAglide, Europe’s best-selling personal lubricant for over 15 years won the category “Best Lubricant”! Especially though the „Congratulations for 20 Years of Excellence in the Business” Award was received with great honor and pride as it truly reflects the remarkable success story of JOYDIVISION.

All this called for a major celebration party of course and JOYDIVISION exceeded everyone’s expectations! The VIP guests experienced an unforgettable evening in the Expowal, architecturally one of the most unique and compelling locations, situated right next to a beautiful lake in JOYDIVISION’s hometown – Hanover, Germany. More than 150 people savored delectable gourmet foods and exquisite drinks while enjoying a fascinating performance show. A pyro painter created various dazzling figures and portraits out of simple sparklers and other fire elements including the JOYDIVISION logo that truly burned a lasting impression in the audience mind. The second part consisted of a jaw dropping Glowshow that transformed the venue into a dream world.

In his speech of the night, Oliver Redschlag simply summed it up with: “I would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart that contributed to JOYDIVISION’s success. It is truly remarkable what we have achieved in the past 20 years. But more importantly I’d like to keep moving forward and focus now on a prosperous future for all of us.


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