Just In Time for Valentine’s – An Interactive VR Experience  

By on December 21, 2017

SenseMax, the pioneers of The Intimate Experience 3.0 and SENSE ECOSYSTEM™, has welcomed new performers to the stage: SENSE ECOSYSTEM™ VR Pleasure Set Lite and Sense Player, a compatible iOS media player available in the App store.

With this set, SenseMax has reimagined the traditional hand job by offering an interactive VR experience without the hefty price tag or a bulky device to get in the way. Armed with SenseBand, Sense VR, a mobile device and compatible Sense Ecosystem™ app, all you have to do is:

1. Place SenseBand on your wrist.
2. Choose a video from a compatible app.
3. Place your phone in Sense VR. Watch or interact with the action on screen

The Sense Ecosystem™ VR Pleasure Set Lite will be available to ship January 3, 2018, comes in two SKUs: one for each color way of the SenseBand: Black and Turquoise, and will be offered at a MSRP of USD $109.00 / EUR 99,00.

Apps compatible with Sense Ecosystem™ include: the newly released Sense Player and Sense Lovers, an Android app, available in Aptoide, a secure third-party App Store.

Distributors and retailers interested in stocking this set and other SenseMax products should contact their SenseMax Account Manager or sales@sensemax.net.


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