Kheper Games, Inc. Adds New Rainbow Disco Ball Cup as Extension to Best-Selling Silver Version

By on December 2, 2016

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce that our Rainbow Disco Ball Cup, a popularly requested add-on to their original silver Disco Ball Cup item, is now shipping. The design is now patented, and the original silver Disco Ball Cup has been Kheper Games Inc.’s best-selling item for Q4 2016.

Get down and groovy with these flashy disco ball cups that are a hot product for holiday parties, pride celebrations, retro parties, wedding-related parties, and any other event where you want to add a little flashiness. Both cups reflect light as a disco ball would, one as white light, and the other in rainbow colors. Just spin them manually or put them on a rotating platform.

“We’ve really been amazed at how well this idea has been selling for us,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Whether it be in stores, online, or for private events, we keep doing so well with this concept, that we had to expand upon it. The Rainbow Disco Cup assimilates how a club’s disco ball reflects multiple colors of light. It’s fun to display at trade shows, in stores, and at our own events. This is truly one of my personal favorites.”

The Rainbow Disco Ball Cup, is the most recent addition to a vast array of cup designs offered by Kheper Games, Inc.; including: the TNT Cup, Grenade Cup, Watermelon Cup, Cactus Cup, Get Trashed Cup, COCKtail Cup, Toxic Cup, and Keg Cup.

Kheper Games, Inc. is up for the XBIZ Bachelor / Bachelorette Product of the Year with its Disco Ball Cup as well as Glow in the Dark Sex! for Adult Game of the Year.

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