Kheper Games, Inc. Announces Unique New Party Games

By on July 10, 2015

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the release of Adult Charades and The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking Games. Both games are now shipping and will be formally launched at the upcoming ANME show along with 9 other new items from Kheper Games, Inc.

Adult Charades is an adult party game that is designed towards couples wishing to entertain after a dinner party or a group of friends wanting to play a risqué party game where drinking is not required. The game has a modest retail price point and includes 480 Charades, a timer and score pad. Players take turns trying to get as many charades guessed corrected from a card of 6 charades in one minute. Examples include: “Horny Devil,” “Impotent,” and “The Little Man in the Boat.”

The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking Games is a collection of 30 of the nuttiest games from around the world. For example, Freckles from Lithuania has you squashing desserts and Opossum from New Zealand has you doing contests similar to (but safer than) when their locals compete to see who will be the last to fall out of a tree while drinking.

“In addition to enjoying games with their significant others, adult store customers also want to have a good time with their friends,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “These unique and hilarious games will be the hit of any party and any store’s adult games section. They’re just fun!”

For more details on Adult Charades and The World’s Most Ridiculous Drinking Games, by Kheper Games, please contact info@

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