Kheper Games, Inc. Launches New Kissing Game

By on August 2, 2016

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their newest card game: Creative Kisses.

Creative Kisses includes 101 Creative Kiss cards. Each card offers you a unique kiss to share with your lover. Some kisses offer a fun playful extra to a standard kiss, such as the Warm and Cool Kiss. To do this kiss, you kiss your lover’s lips so they are warm, then gently blow on them to cool them off. Other Creative Kisses add a little roleplay to your kiss; such as the Lost at Sea Kiss. For this kiss, you kiss your lover’s lips as if you have just returned from being lost at sea for three months. Example of other kisses include the Duckie Kiss, On Fire Kiss, Downward Hike Kiss, the Loose Lips Kiss, and the author’s personal favorite, the Hostage Kiss.

“Lover’s don’t only need to add spice to their sex lives.,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Sometimes all it takes is a funny, creative, or fascinating kiss to snap you and your lover out of a funk.”

Whether it is to spice up your relationship, share a romantic gift with your lover, or simply just have some fun kissing; Creative Kisses will keep you both entertained for years to come with over a hundred fascinating kiss ideas.

Creative Kisses was formally launched at the July ANME show and should now be in stock with most distributors. All cards and the packaging include English and full text translations into Spanish, German and French.

For more details on new games by Kheper Games, please contact or call 1-877-426-3755.

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