Kheper Games, Inc. Launches New Line of Adult Squishy Toys

By on November 17, 2018

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the official launch of their new line of Squishy Toys, including: Dicky Squishy, Booby Squishy, and Squishy Balls.

Kheper Games prides itself on always being on top of the latest trends. For example, they started the adult party game trend with their What the F*ck? line of drinking and party games 13 years ago. Their disco cups are the latest must-have items in barware. They’ve had products on YouTube reviewed by The Pun Guys and have landed in Entertainment Weekly’s Gift Guide for the Social Mom. Currently their THC, the Weed! card games, and the rest of their pot-themed games are capitalizing on marijuana legalizing in more and more states each election.

Squishy toys are often equated to stress balls, but in fact, they are quite different. They are made with a slow-rising PU material that creates a softer and more comforting touch. They also can be scented as well. Kheper selected banana as the scent for their Dicky Squishy, vanilla for Booby Squishy, and Berries for the Squishy Balls. Natural pairings, of course.

Packaging for the squishy toys was highly researched as well. The durable and reinforced polybag and header allows customers to squeeze the toys in a store without damaging any part of the product. Holes were added to the fronts of the polybags as well, to allow air to circulate inside and for customers to be able to sample the fragrances.
“Squishy Toys are hugely popular as the latest toy trend,” explains CEO Brian Pellham, whose team recently introduced them at ECN and eroFame shows. “Soooo…. of course we had to create adult versions of them. After noticing mainstream versions in dozens of major chain stores in malls, I wondered if this would trend to adults like fidget spinners did last year. There were dozens of articles online supporting that adults are getting in on the fun as well. The texture of the material used for these resembles human touch. It has been interesting to watch people at trade shows and during our early launch meetings as you can’t stop squeezing them. I myself keep one at my desk and catch myself squeezing my Squishy Balls several times a day!”

Squishy Toys by Kheper Games, Inc., has already pre-sold over 10,000 units. Get them for the holidays while you can as they are moving fast!

Packaging includes English, Spanish, French and German translations.

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