Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Sex Fortunes Card Game

By on December 2, 2016

Kheper Games is excited to announce the launch of their Sex Fortunes card game. Sex Fortunes is a sex position tarot card game for lovers that includes 78 beautifully illustrated game cards. It is in English, Spanish, German and French with all rules, cards and the box translated completely in each language within the same set.

To play Sex Fortunes, one player shuffles the cards and deals out a ten-card fortune, similar to how a fortune teller would reveal someone’s fortune with standard tarot cards. Then the couple acts out three of the cards that the recipient of the fortune wants to come true. Most cards illustrate sexual positions, such as The Star, Queen of Sex Wands, and the King of Testicles. Beware of the “Death” card though that is represented by a premature ejaculation, that results in a player losing a turn.

“Many of our most popular sex game concepts include unique sex positions for people looking for something new to try.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “It’s perfect as a holiday stocking stuffer, or for Valentine’s Day; as it’s a gift that offers unique game play each time a couple uses the product.”

Sex Fortunes is the newest card game from Kheper Game’s extensive range of card games, that includes: Sex!, Weed!, Beer!, Naked, Lust!, Who’s the Biggest Pervert?, Boobs and Boners, Deluxe Asshole, and several other hot selling titles.

For more details on Sex Fortunes and other card games by Kheper Games, please contact or call 1-877-426-3755.

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