Kheper Games, Inc. Launches Two New Holiday Games

By on July 15, 2016

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce that they have launched two new Christmas themed games: The 12 Sex Games of Christmas and The 12 Adult Party Games of Christmas. These two games extend the concept from their highly popular game: The 12 Drinking Games of Christmas.

The humor that makes these games so enjoyable and gift-able lies in the game titles, that mock Christmas Carols. Game examples in The 12 Sex Games of Christmas include: The Three Wise Sex Positions; The Little Hummer, “Oh Boy”; and “Rudolph the Romantic Sex Slave”. Games for this set are for couples to enjoy and center around foreplay and sex positions.

Game examples in The 12 Adult Party Games of Christmas include: “Frosty the Gambler”, “I Saw Mommy Playing a Kissing Game”, and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Lying Bastard”. Games for this set center around adult-themed party activities; including naughty confessions, adult charades, gambling and kissing/dare games.

“There is are strong need for adult white elephant and humorous couple’s gifts,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We thrive in this much overlooked category and are pleased to announce that we have already pre-sold almost 5000 units of each. Adults need humorous gifts to give each other, especially when they can help them to entertain at a Christmas party or spice things up in the bedroom”

The two games will formally launch at the ANME show July 17th, 2016, along with six other new, and coming soon, items from Kheper Games, Inc.

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