Kheper Games, Inc. Releases Its Sperm Confetti and New Scratch Tickets

By on August 16, 2016

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of two new items: Sperm Confetti and Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets. Both items were pre-released at ANME and began shipping at the end of last week.

Sperm Confetti is a 15-gram pack of white and translucent white sperm-shaped confetti. It’s “A Whole Load of Fun!” as the packaging proclaims. On the back of the header are listed several fun uses for this humorous product. For example, “fling it at someone you love” or “Unload on your friends”.

Whip, Bind and Scratch Tickets is the latest new product in Kheper Games’ highly successful line of “red room” items. It includes 8 scratch tickets, each with a unique kinky BDSM reward. Every ticket is a winner.

“We were thrilled at the great reaction both of these items received recently at the July ANME show,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “The Sperm Confetti was on every order and received laughs from just about everyone. Our new scratch tickets were also a big hit as our other red room games proved to be a great introduction for couples curious with the pop culture phenomenon around bondage and discipline.”

For more details on new games by Kheper Games, please contact or call 1-877-426-3755.

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