Kheper Games, Inc. Releases Ladies Night Dice

By on May 12, 2015

Kheper Games, Inc. recently launched the ‘Ladies Night Drink or Dare’ dice at the Adultex show in April 2015.

Ladies Night is an incredibly successful line of games and activities that is not just limited to bachelorette parties. Ladies Night products also work well for home party events, divorce parties, birthday parties, and any other female-only get-togethers that can be as simple as a Saturday night in.

“Women get together for many occasions outside of bachelorette parties and our success with this line shows how strongly this type of product is appreciated,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Our Ladies Night card game is now our top selling item in our Ladies Night / Bachelorette category and our Ladies Night boxed game that launched this category won XBIZ’s 2013 Adult Product / Bachelorette Item of the Year.”

In addition to the games listed above, Kheper Games, Inc. also sells Ladies Night Topic Sticks, Trivia Coasters, Diamond Confetti, Diamond Shot Glasses and a Stick To It party game. Collectively the line has sold over 100,000 units in the past two years.

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