Kheper Games Receives Adultex Best Novelty/Game Product for Sex! Board Game

By on May 16, 2017

Seattle, W, – Kheper Games, Inc. was very honored to receive the Best Novelty / Game Product award at Calvista’s Adultex Show during their awards presentation on April 27th. The award is for Kheper Games, Inc.’s top selling game in their high-end price point category, the Sex! Board Game.

The Sex! Board Game is the elaborate board game version of Kheper Games’ best-selling Sex! Card Game. It includes game play where a couple enjoys foreplay while asking each other sex related trivia questions. Correct answers earn them sex position cards that they use to build an ultimate fantasy that is laid out in the center of the game board. Once the couple has put together a sex fantasy of 6 Sex! positions, they win and act out the sex positions.

“We are honored and wish to thank Calvista and their customers for presenting us with such a prestigious award,” explains Kheper V.P. Carlos Becker. “I was truly surprised when I heard our name. I rushed to the stage with one hand already occupied with my drink (inconspicuously hidden in our new golden Disco Pineapple cup), took the Adultex Award with my other hand, and nearly fumbled both trying to figure out how to shake hands with Roger without a third [hand].”

Sex! Board Game is part of an elaborate list of successful Sex! games in Kheper Games’ Sex! line. Also in the line are: Sex! Card Game, Sex! Scratch Tickets, Sex! Dice, Sex! Coupons, Gay Sex! Card Game, Lesbian Sex! Card Game, and the Adventurous Sex! Card Game. You can also look for a new addition to the Sex! line at the July ANME show.
For more details on these Sex! games by Kheper Games, please contact Or call 1-877-426-3755.

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