Kheper, Inc. Launches New F*ck You! Covid-19 Sucker

By on May 5, 2020

Seattle, WA – Kheper, Inc. is excited to announce the release of their newest candy item, the F*ck You! Covid-19 Sucker. This item is a custom version of the F*ck You! Sucker that Kheper released at the ANME show earlier this year.

The F*ck You! Covid-19 Sucker is very topical while many of us struggle to figure out how to get our businesses reopened over the next several weeks. It also is strawberry-flavored, the same as the original, as Kheper Inc. is swapping out header cards in house to offer this special second version right away.

“I’ve never been so angry at a virus to where I really need to tell it to F*ck off!” Explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Well, that is mostly serious, but somewhat joking. We need to have a laugh here once in a while as we deal with such serious issues. We’re doing what we can to give a little levity to our customers to break things up a bit. As we know that on a serious note this has been such a difficult time for so many of us.”

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of edible products, also including: Naughty Gummi Emojis, Laid! Gum, Cherry/Strawberry/Cinnamon/Beer Pasties, The F*ck You Sucker, Rainbow Dick Suckers, GumBALLS, and the holiday Gingerbread/Candy Cane/Spearmint Candy/Snowflake Pasties.

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