Kheper Launches Mind, Body & Soul Game

By on September 18, 2018

The Mind, Body & Soul game is for any couple that allows them to achieve full body enlightenment together by opening up their Chakras.

Mind, Body & Soul helps you learn about your lover while you reveal and discuss answers to questions pertaining to each of the seven chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. A sample of a Sacral Chakra question is “What do you fantasize about most often?” And a sample of a Crown Chakra question is “What ‘path not taken’ in life do you think about most often?”

As you answer questions about your various chakras, this leads to enlightenment, which is represented by one chip for each chakra. The first successfully answered questions earn the dimmer side of the chip, and the second earns the fully enlightened side. Once a player has all 7 fully brightened chakras, that player wins the game and is rewarded by the other player in a way that satisfies his or her Heart and/or Sacral chakras.

All questions are gender neutral, so this game can be played by ANY couple. All test is in both English and Spanish.

“This has been a very fascinating game to research and write,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “There are very few relationship games out there that can be played by the LGBTQIA community, in addition to straight couples. This concept allowed us to release this much needed flexible game as our society has become a lot more gender fluid recently. This game accommodates any two people, and helps them improve themselves and their relationship together.”

Kheper Games, Inc. has over time released over 1000 innovative and creative games; including their What the F*ck? party/drinking game series; their best-selling line of Sex! games, Acts of Insanity, Fantasy Affairs, the new hit Making Bad Situations Worse, and much, much more.

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