Kheper Launches New Skull and Electroplated Cactus Cups

By on February 13, 2019

Kheper, Inc. is formally launching three new cups to add to their quickly expanding barware line. The first two are Skull Cup designs. One sports a black matte finish and the other is an iridescent oil slick design. The third is a larger and electroplated version of their Cactus Cup.

Kheper began sharing early copies of the new cups at the Atlanta Gift Show. The Electroplated Cactus Cup was a particularly big hit at this show. Then, a few days later at ANME, the Skull Cups were launched at the Black & Party. CEO Brian Pellham and several other vendors wore black and white onesies to the event while each sporting one of the skull designs. Other Kheper team members handed out cups to other partygoers that became interested in the designs. As a result Kheper Games sold over 1000 Skull Cups at the show and had one of their most successful ANME shows to date.

Then it was off to the NY Now Show. Kheper’s cups were a bit hit there as well and caught the attention of several large chains store buyers.

“Our cups continue to not only be party accessories but also fashion accessories.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Our newer styles of cups, such as our Disco Ball and Pineapple Disco Cups continue to be our most hyped about products on Instagram and Twitter. More and more we are finding them featured in mainstream movies, such as the Adam Sandler film The Week Of. Bloggers and marketing firms also feature them at events, such as an Aspire event that handed out Watermelon and Pineapple Cup drinks at a Ground Zero fundraiser.”

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of cups including a Potleaf Cup, Daisy Cup, Cactus Cup, Watermelon Cup, Disco Heart Cup, Disco Ball Cup, Rainbow Disco Ball Cup, Disco Pineapple Cup, Glow-In-The-Dark Toxic Cup, TNT Cup, Grenade Cup, Get Trashed Cup, and The Christmas Tree Cup.

Kheper Games also just won the Adult Games/Novelty of the Year at the XBIZ awards for their Mind, Body and Soul game.

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