Kristy Leigh – Store Manager, Hello Sexy, Canberra

By on April 14, 2015
Kristy Leigh

When and how did you get into the Adult business?
I started working at Hello Sexy about 4 years ago. I stumbled upon the vacancy and harassed the owner until he hired me. I have always been a sex-positive, driven woman who wanted discounts on toys!!

A typical day
There is no typical day! Each and every day gives new experiences, different customers and many boxes of product. Every day is like Christmas!

The most significant influence in my working career was/is
I once met Belladonna and she was a pocket rocket! She was such a driven, dominant woman who made her own way in the adult industry when it was dominated by men. She taught me that if you go into anything with the right amount of charisma and confidence, you can get tackle anything.

I’m most proud of
A friend of mine came into the store just this week and told me that, whilst she was at Gender Agenda, a stranger told the group that I Hello Sexy was the most Transgender-friendly store in Canberra, and I was named personally as the go-to gal. I was chuffed!

One of the most memorable moments was
We had Jesse Jane (porn star) in for a signing. We had people lining up around the block all night! It was Jesse Jane’s largest Australian in store signing ever! It was a pretty incredible experience. My staff all banded together that night, and we all went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate a successful venture.

Last book I read
I am a burlesque dancer, so just this morning I was reading Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’ for a little inspiration regarding an act that I am creating.

Favourite movie/TV show
Oh, this is a tough one!
Hmm… I can never go past Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She kicked arse in 90’s style.
movie-wise, I adore American Psycho. It was the best book adaption I have ever watched.

My favourite place
I love cuba. I love vintage fashion, old cars, the works. Cuba looks exactly what it looked like at the crux of the revolution.

If I could change one thing
I would like more women to have the confidence to enter my shop. Almost every day I have a man buying something for his partner because she is too embarrassed to come in. Women, take hold of your sexuality and let it shine like a star!

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