Le Wand Celebrates International Women’s Month With Revolutionary Commercial

By on March 3, 2022

Premium pleasure products brand Le Wand is kicking off International Women’s Month with a first-of-its-kind commercial that takes viewers on a journey starting from the 1970s through today to show how society’s attitudes around pleasure have changed, and that the iconic wand vibrator has been a steadfast companion every step of the way. Le Wand is proud to be a woman-led sex tech brand: a slightly surrealist send-up to the ever classic wand vibrator.

This commercial is so important because historically, traditional advertising has been a huge hurdle for sexual wellness brands. With this ad, Le Wand aims to take back control of the narrative by highlighting the sexual empowerment and liberation of cis women, nonbinary folks, trans folks and all femme-identifying people are entitled to. The commercial defies the male gaze and puts pleasure in the spotlight, not because “sex sells,” but because experiencing pleasure is part of our overall wellness as people. Feeling pleasure is powerful. It’s unique to each of us, and it’s something we should be proud of — not ashamed of or objectified for.

The minute-long spot opens in the 1970s and quickly dashes through time to the 80s, 90’s and today. The iconic wand massager plays a key role in the video as different generations of the classic massager run parallel to the experiences of and attitudes toward women during that time period. Produced by a renowned woman-led creative agency, the spot features a recurring pink glow in each represented decade that’s meant to signify a defiant sexual power that the character finally harnesses. By taking her power back, she gained the “power to demand what we deserve, power over our bodies … power to feel pleasure. And ooh, it feels good.”


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