Le Wand Pleasure Guides Coming Soon

By on March 29, 2017

Driven by the desire to bring consumers a decadently sensual experience with the Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager, the premium brand is launching a series of Pleasure Guides featuring empowering sex-positive information.
Le Wand’s Pleasure Guides will cover a variety of topics to empower consumers with comprehensive sex-positive information about their body, and information that will dispel common myths and stereotypes about pleasure and sex toys. The Pleasure Guides will feature tips and tricks to make the most of the wand experience.

“Le Wand is dedicated to promoting sexual wellness and pleasure with engaging branding and marketing, and offers a fresh, sex-positive take on the popular wand massager,” Le Wand Managing Director Alicia Sinclair said. “Vibrating wand massagers have long been women’s go-to pleasure tools — Le Wand aims to take the experience beyond that. With the information and advice from the Pleasure Guides, they’ll not only experience a fulfilling orgasm, but will also learn unique, new techniques to enjoy the Le Wand massager all over the body and with a partner.”

Sinclair, a credentialed sexpert and a 15-year vet of the sexual intimacy industry, is taking her innovative approach to branding and marketing to redefine the wand category with a sex-positive message that embraces consumers of all genders and sexual preferences.

Le Wand has plans to release more than 25 articles dedicated to providing comprehensive information about everything from anatomy, position guides, to dispelling common myths about wand use.

Le Wand is the sister company of b-Vibe, a premium brand of anal toys that is successfully revitalizing the taboo category with a fresh, friendly sex-positive approach.

The Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is 100% body-safe with a sleek silicone head and flexible neck. Powerful, penetrating pleasure is granted in the convenience and versatility of this rechargeable, cordless vibe. The innovative device offers premium features, attachments and accessories to satisfy a wide range of pleasure palettes.

For more information, and to sign up to receive the Le Wand Pleasure Guides directly in your inbox, visit LeWandMassager.com.

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