Liberator Releases “Think Kink” Video

By on November 4, 2015

ATLANTA, GA, – Liberator, Inc., the manufacturer of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear has released a new video featuring their popular Black Label Collection. This new video showcases some of the bondage-centric product line and was produced by the creative team at Liberator.

The second installment in the series of ‘Discover Liberator’ videos, the Black Label Collection presents an entirely new type of playscape for couples that want to explore kink and fantasy. Following a similar format as the Original Label, their new video highlights key features, functions, and sales points of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear meant for bondage enthusiasts.

Only three minutes in length, the Black Label Collection video depicts a couple engaging in a sequence of playful restraint and bondage scenarios. Using the cuff accessory kit, which comes standard with every Black Label Shape, they demonstrate a variety of exciting bondage arrangements.

Creative Director for Liberator, April Harmon said, “Playful restraint is inherently exciting, but the most important aspect we wanted to communicate is the connection with your partner. That made this video a fun challenge.” Developing this forward-thinking video meant focusing on an inventive way to communicate a concise bondage theme without being cliche. Designed to captivate attention, it effectively illustrates the size, scope, and ease-of-use of the Black Label Shapes and accessories. “We wanted viewers to learn everything they needed to know about the Black Label Collection within a few minutes, and to start them thinking creatively about their own intimacy,” says Harmon.

The Discover Liberator series is intended for use as sales support, staff education, and direct-to-consumer advertising with both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Usable with or without audio, this video can be played on a loop in conjunction with the Original Label video on showroom floors, or it can be featured online to help shoppers make an educated choice.

Distributors and re-sellers are encouraged to either download this complimentary video from a designated link for in-store merchandising, or embed it onto social media sites from the official Liberator YouTube channel at Liberator can also provide custom discs and flash drives of the video by contacting their sales department at 866-542-7283.

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