Light My Fire With New Shunga Massage Candles

By on April 23, 2015
Shunga Massage Candle

Montreal, Canada, – Discover the new Shunga Erotic Art massage candles for an ultimate warm sensual massage. With a beautiful new design and easy to pour shape, they are now available in two formats: 170 ml and 30 ml. The candles are made with 100% top quality natural oils. These top of the line candles produce lukewarm oil at the touch that will not burn, leaving your skin soft and silky without clogging pores.

Newly available in 6 aphrodisiac perfume: Vanilla Fetish, Rose Petals, Exotic Fruits, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, Exotic Green tea and Intoxicating Chocolate. Each fragrance is represented by its own colorful Shunga picture.

The new embossed can design is truly a piece of art. The lids we’re designed to place underneath the can while the candle is lit up.

With the new smaller format an appealing display is available. Great for any space on store shelves or around the cash register! These small size candles will be a hit for home party’s sales and for trial purchases.

“We finally came through with a unique and exclusive design that reflects the new image of our brand. These are not just beautiful but practical too! It was a technical challenge and we worked for months on the prototype.” says Sylvain Séguin, Eau Zone’s president and creator of this new design. “We want to create pieces of art as it suits our brand’s DNA: Because Love is an Art.” says Manon Vallée, Co-founder.

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