Lightsouthern Releases Debut Scene from New Australian series Super Host

By on July 10, 2019

Sydney, NSW – Australia’s Award winning Lightsouthern dropped the debut scene ‘The Backpackers’ for their
new all Aussie Feature Series Super Host.

Verde and Stevie Green are Backpackers who hire a room off homeowners Blake Wilde and her husband Jake Shy for the night. Verde and Stevie enjoy the room and each other whilst the kinky homeowners enjoy the surveillance system. Throughout the series we get to see how Blake and Jake watch and manipulate their guests into their own sexual perversions.

“Super Host took on its own energy once we were on set. The performers immersed themselves into their roles which was impressive and we had a blast shooting. I really wanted to raise the bar further with this series working with a larger cast, producing some harder scenes with a more complex plot. Super Host is a testament to what our Aussie industry can achieve” Says Company Director, Michelle Flynn.

Blake Wilde our leading female in the film says of Australian Porn, “We have a lot of unique things we can bring to the table, from our performers, to the scenery and location possibilities. I feel our performers have a particular charm that lends itself well to an international market. We’re laid back, funny and incredibly passionate about what we do; I always see that shining through in our work.

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