Lovehoney enjoys biggest ever media response with its ‘Sex Selfie Stick’ release

By on March 14, 2015
svakom gaga

The Bath-based firm enjoyed its biggest ever media response for an individual toy with its release for Svakom’s Gaga vibrator.

More than 2.5 million people have now visited Lovehoney TV to watch sex expert Annabelle Knight demonstrating how the toy works.

And the story was published all over the world on big sites such as The Independent, Metro, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, New York Daily News, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and MTV.

The Gaga – the world’s first HD camera vibrator – was actually launched last year.But Lovehoney sensed a marketing opportunity following the success of selfie sticks which enable mobile phone users to take self-portraits from beyond the normal range of the arm.

Dubbing the Gaga the ‘Sex Selfie Stick’, they shared the story with the world’s media – and got an amazing response. The Gaga has an HD camera on its tip and all recordings can be uploaded straight on to your PC or smart phone via FaceTime.
The Lovehoney release said: “This is the X-rated selfie stick.

“Ever wondered what happens inside the body during climax? Now you can find out.

“It allows users to get to know their body in its entirety thanks to the remarkably clear footage this camera captures.”Thanks to its FaceTime compatibility, sharing the view with your lover couldn’t be easier – whether you’re sat right next to each other or miles apart.”
The idea came from Lovehoney’s sex toy category manager Alice Little.

A Lovehoney spokesman said: “The response was incredible – the world’s media wanted to know more about the Gaga and the easiest way to do this was by linking to our video. Hundreds of sites used the story and embedded our video. “It shows just what an appetite there is for sex product news if it is packaged in the right way. “We love introducing new toys to the mainstream media whether they are made by Lovehoney or by another firm – in this case Svakom.
“The aim is to show the world what fun everyone can have using sex toys. It sends out a great message for the industry as a whole.”
The Gaga had generated some positive reviews on the Lovehoney site.

One reviewer said: “Wow is all I can say. The camera is such good quality and the light around the tip picks up everything – be warned! The toy is so much fun.”Another reviewer said: “Home-made movies on a new level! It is simple to use and vibrations are good. Uploading the video was easy.”
The Gaga has a powerful motor with six vibration speeds and includes an ‘intelligent vibration mode’ which lets the vibe intuitively escalate through each speed and gradually ascend your climax.

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