Lula Review- ElectraStim

By on December 11, 2014
Lula review- Electrastim

There are many different names for what Anastasia in Fifty Shades called ‘Jiggle balls’, such as Ben Wa balls, Geisha balls, Kegel balls/exercisers, love eggs, silver balls and orgasm balls.

Dr Arnold Henry Kegel’s publications gave us the terms Kegel exercises and Kegel exerciser. Kegel exercises are now the recommended way to improve a range of gynaecological issues: a strong pelvic floor is linked with improved vaginal muscle control and tightness, urethral control and improved continence and increased sexual sensitivity. Yup, Kegels are also thought to have an effect on the intensity of orgasm, with stronger pelvic floor muscles producing a more intense and longer-lasting climax. For centuries women have used Geisha Balls containing free-roaming weights to help them improve the tone of their pelvic floor. Recently, online retailer Lovehoney recently reported that 4% of 1 million sales came from jiggle balls, beating both dildos and bondage restraints in popularity.

However, remembering to give your Kegel muscles a workout can be tricky if you already have a challenging and busy lifestyle. So whilst it’s sometimes said say men come along like buses, we thought there was something serendipitous about two sets of Jiggle *other names are available* balls launching on the same day – especially as one brand named theirs Luna and the other…Lula!

So let’s start with ElectraStim’s silicone Lula balls, which as the diagram suggests comprise an elecro Kegel ball at the base with a weighted Kegel ball at the top. Did we mention the lovely Lula’s connected to an electric current? You may want to read our ElectraStim starter pack review to better understand that this doesn’t necessarily result in ultra-permed pubes…

According to ElectraStim, “Lula is the world’s first sex toy to combine the orgasmic jiggling sensations of silver balls (also known as jiggle balls) with the practical application of an electro-conductive Kegel toning system. Expect erotic tingles and orgasmic contractions while you work towards improved pelvic floor tone. Use Lula for 20 minutes per day during your pelvic floor exercises and discover a more pleasurable way to help keep your erogenous muscles in top shape.

Made from 100% platinum-cured silicone, Lula is beautifully smooth and soft to the touch, quickly warming to body temperature. The top ball contains a free-roaming weight that rhythmically rolls against the G-spot, encouraging the vaginal muscles to clench and relax in response. Connect Lula to any ElectraStim stimulator and the bi-polar conductive contacts in the bottom ball come to life, making your vaginal muscles tingle and contract in time with your chosen stimulation pattern. Not only does Lula feel great to wear, it helps you locate your pelvic floor for improved muscular control.”

But why would I want to electrocute my vagina? Thankfully, ElectraStim are not suggesting you get freaky with a cattle prod. Lula is described as an electro sex toy but that’s nowhere near as intimidating as it might sound. ElectraStim toys produce a very low current, creating sensations that feel like a barely-there tingle on the lowest levels. When you reach your optimum power level, the muscles in your vagina start to tighten and relax in time with the stimulation pattern, feeling similar to the contractions you experience during orgasm.

So why make Electro Kegel balls? Well, Kegel exercisers that use electro-stimulation have existed for a while now, but the older designs are rather clinical. Often made from surgical steel and medical-grade plastic, the retro electro Kegel systems are generally cold, hard and not sympathetically shaped for a woman’s body.ElectraStim’s new Silicone Noir range is soft, squeezable and warms quickly to the touch. The items are also especially designed for intimate use, so they’re easy for people of all experience levels to enjoy.

Silicone jiggle balls have been popular sex toys for a few years and the two-ball design with a retrieval cord is tried and tested. It’s proven popular with women who want to improve pelvic floor tone or simply find the free-roaming weight design a great way to massage the G-spot. As ElectraStim observe, “We wanted to enhance the experiences women were having with these toys by combining the free-roaming weight and softer, more pliant sex toy material with the unique effects of electro-stimulation. Lula offers the best of both worlds, making exercising a woman’s Kegel muscles easier and more pleasurable than ever before. Not only do these contractions help you to locate and consciously exercise your pelvic floor muscles, they also feel incredibly erotic. Described as feeling like ‘hands-free sex‘, your internal muscular throbbing causes the sex toy to move inside you without the need for thrusting. Some women are even able to reach orgasm without any additional stimulation.” This we have to see!

How do Electro sex toys work? ElectraStim explain: “Our toys work the way they do because they directly stimulate the sensitive nerve endings beneath the skin. The electro-stimulation teases your nerve endings to attention, creating a titillating tingle that makes you feel more sensitive to the touch. Because stimulation reaches to a deeper level than it does with vibrating sex toys, it also brings your muscles into play.

ElectraStim toys are used with an ElectraStim Stimulator, a little box that provides the power and controls the sensations you feel during use. Lula can be used as a regular Kegel exerciser but to bring the electro-stimulation sensations into play, you need to connect the stimulator wire to the inputs in the base of the retrieval cord. Once connected, the two conductive panels in Lula’s bottom ball come to life, conducting stimulation and creating the sexy sensations electro-stimulation is famous for.”

Mia More, journalist and reviewer,

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