Male Power Announces Three New Novelty Undergarments

By on February 1, 2024

Hauppauge, NY – If you’re looking for a sensual high, Hazy Dayz is the clear choice. This cool lingerie collection is truly intoxicating.

Luxuriously soft, smooth, sheer stretch mesh is lit up with a choice of two bright graphics, pot leaves or mushrooms imprinted on black backgrounds. Male Power adds a matching deluxe, thin spandex waistband and makes it blacklight reflective so men will really look… well, dope! Get baked in four different styles, Pouch Short, Micro Thong, Jock, and Posing Strap G-string. Four matching styles for women are also available from Exposed.

The company is also adding two new additions to its ever-popular Novelty Funny Undie line. Blue Swallow is quite a mouthful. This Pouch G-string is offered with the practical wisdom “Don’t Spit, Swallow,” emblazoned on the colorful packaging. Just strap on the two-toned bird’s head with googly eyes, an open shaft beak and attached wings, and a bird strike will be imminent.

Dapper Dick is smartly designed for a gentleman’s genitalia. This thong is outfitted with an elasticized C-ring sporting a tiny tuxedo complete with tails and a bow tie. The box reads “Always At Your Service,” leaving no doubt that this specialty item is well-designed for the upper-class cock.

Cannabis, mushrooms, feathered friends and freaky formalwear, the fun never ends at Male Power. Shipping begins in early March to fine establishments everywhere.

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