More Anal Please

By on April 22, 2016

The verdict is in — anal play is increasingly becoming commonplace for straight and gay couples. Why? As sex educator, writer and feminist adult filmmaker Tristan Taormino said in a 2001 article for Village Voice, “the asshole is the most democratic of all orifices — we all have one!”

And many couples are venturing into anal play. Based on a National Health Statistics study in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which queried adults aged 25-44, about 98 percent of women and 97 percent of men have had vaginal intercourse, 89 percent of women and 90 percent of men have had oral sex, and 36 percent of women and 44 percent of men have had anal sex. This data proves that one out of every three women and almost half of the men polled say they enjoy playing with their partner’s bums.

Anatomically speaking, the reason why both men and women experience pleasure from anal play is because there is an abundance of tiny nerve endings in the anus and surrounding tissues. In addition to nerve endings, pleasure from anal play occurs due to the shared wall between the anus and the prostate for males and vagina/G-Spot for females. This allows for indirect stimulation of the prostate in men and G-Spot or clitoral legs in women.

Thanks to the Internet, more and more people are able to find the right advice, information and products for experiencing the pleasure of anal play. From the privacy of one’s home, men, women and couples are able to find how-to’s, along with anal-centric porn for inspiration. Anal toys also are increasingly becoming hot commodities.

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