Motorbunny Debuts the Easy Rider Freedom Sling

By on December 23, 2020

Sanford, NC – Motorbunny, the ride-on-top power vibrator manufacturer, has added a new accessory for its line of sex machines. The Easy Rider Freedom Sling continues Motorbunny’s mission to be the most advanced and accessible sex machine available, offering orthopedic inclusivity for sexual creativity and adding further versatility to all.

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“Our ongoing mission is to enhance sexually creative experiences for all users,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “The Easy Rider Freedom Sling was made in direct response to feedback from customers who were unable to get the most out of their Motorbunny because of back or knee pain. This allows many more people to enjoy our product to its fullest potential.” 

The new device supports your body weight, freeing your back and knees, gently cradling you as you cruise off into the abyss of bliss. The sturdy construction of pipe and flexible bands includes handlebars for additional support and is designed for straddle and side-saddle support up to 330 pounds. The sex toy manufacturer’s diverse and expensive ecosystem of attachments and accessories continuously grows to meet customer demand. Motorbunny’s commitment to embrace new technology opens the door to creative sexual experiences for all body types.

Motorbunny is now available in many retail spaces including Adam & Eve and Fairvillastores around the nation. The sex machine, along with its attachments and accessories, is featured in displays which allow customers to experience its power first hand. Presenting Motorbunny’s buzz and twirl features, its bluetooth capable LINK remote controller, and FappyBunny, its synchronized mobile game for iPhone and Android, it’s a perfect case for sex tech. To find your nearest Motorbunny, use the Motorbunny HopSpot by clicking here

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