Nalpac and Mad ToTo Spark New Collaboration

By on September 3, 2015

Mad ToTo is a brand of cases now carried by Nalpac. Their products allow various smoke blends and pieces to be carried low key.

The partnership between Nalpac and Mad ToTo will boost sales for retailers. According to Don Zerilli, Senior Buyer for Nalpac, “We’ve been looking to branch out and provide more novelty items for retailers.” Don continued, stating that, “Zoning laws and low DVD sales have hurt many retailers’ profits. Carrying Mad ToTo allows retailers to capitalize off of the popular smoking market while abiding by the law.”

Mad ToTo ensures their products are sturdy. They craft their totes and cases from hard fiber shells. Furthermore, Mad ToTo’s totes and cases have a nylon finish. The nylon finish makes them more durable, and, easy to grip. Certain Mad ToTo cases even feature a waterproof zipper.

Mad Toto’s silicone pucks are great too. They are air-tight, making them waterproof and aroma free. Similar to their totes and cases, the pucks are damage resistant as well.

Nalpac expects great things from this new partnership.

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