Nalpac and System JO Introduce Silicone-Free Hybrid Lube

By on September 21, 2015

Nalpac is now distributing System JO’s silicone-free hybrid lubricant. This remarkable new addition is the first hybrid blend void of silicone. Instead of using silicone and water like most hybrids, System JO blends water with coconut oil for this new lubricant line.

“Many lubricants stay within their product classifications,” says Ryan McCrobie, Product Education Specialist at System JO. He continued, stating that, “Implementing a new class satisfies customer demand for natural lubricants.” Pairing silicone lubricant with silicone toys creates extra wear on the toys. Consequentially, Nalpac and System JO are providing options for those who want more than water-based lubricant.

In addition to removing silicone, System JO’s Coconut Hybrid is also free of glycerin and parabens. This is a result of shifting trends occurring in the industry. Consumers are becoming more aware of what’s entering them. They want assurance that product materials in use are the safest for their bodies. To this effect, the industry is responding with products inspired by natural ingredients.

System JO’s Coconut Hybrid works well with many toy lines. The anatomy of this lube makes it compatible with a wide range of materials. However, it’s best not to pair this lube with latex as they don’t mix well together.

Nalpac is ecstatic to be on the front end of this market breakthrough. “It’s been years that we’ve been in the industry and we’re excited that System JO is breaking the mold,” says Glenn LeBoeuf, Vice President of Operations at Nalpac. System JO is currently pioneering the lube market with their innovative coconut hybrid. Nalpac anticipates favorable results with retailers.

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