Nancy Cosimini, Sales Manager- Blush

By on August 27, 2019

Blush Novelties pleased to announce the addition of Nancy Cosimini as Sales Manager to its rapidly expanding team. With over two decades of sales experience in the adult space, Cosimini brings her impressive network and industry knowledge to the modern pleasure products manufacturer.

“I’m thrilled to join Blush,” says Cosimini. “I absolutely love the Blush product collections. Owners Verna Meng and Eric Lee are amazing mentors. I adore working with our Marketing Director Ducky DooLittle. I have watched this company grow through the years and have been a huge fan. So, when this Blush opportunity came up, it was clear this is exactly where I wanted to be. With me, it is all about the product line. I actually get goosebumps talking about Blush’s product at shows! When you’re passionate about something, it stops being a job; you are just doing something you love.”

Cosimini’s background in the industry started as Vice President of Sales for a home party company, which began in lingerie and then quickly moved into pleasure products sales. Through educating herself on products, purchasing, and creating product lines, and then training salespeople to set up and successfully operate at-home businesses, the position allowed Cosimini to get up close and personal not only with manufacturers, but the company’s sales reps and end users as well.

Cosimini followed the explosive North American success of the home party company with a position with as Sales Account Manager with a manufacturer, continuing her reputation as a highly-respected industry leader with extensive industry knowledge of not only individual products, but also of staff training with an eye towards consumer satisfaction and increased sales.

“Something which has continuously fueled my passion in this industry is to watch salespeople grow and embrace sexual wellness and pleasure products,” says Cosimini. “I have watched the conversation of sex, and more importantly, enjoying better sex, come out of the closet. People are finally more comfortable promoting and enjoying healthy, fun, and safe sex lives. Knowing how important this is has been my motivation. And I believe we have only just begun.”

The Boston, Massachusetts resident now brings her extensive experience in direct sales and her strategies for sales staff training, combined with her history of established, impeccable relationships with retailers and customers, to the award-winning Blush team.

“Nancy is a joy to work with,” Says Blush Marketing Director and Resident Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle. “Her earnest commitment to product knowledge and sex education mixed with her high energy makes here a very thoughtful powerhouse. I understand why distributors and retailers lean in when reaches out. She’s more than sales, she’s a great listener with a store’s best interest at heart.”

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