New at ORION Wholesale: Menstrual Cups from Libimed

By on October 23, 2018

Flensburg, DE – An increasingly popular alternative to tampons or pads during menstruation is the so-called menstrual cup.

The idea is simple: the flexible, funnel-shaped cup gets inserted into the vagina like a tampon where it then collects the blood. Once the cup is full, it just needs to be removed, emptied and cleaned – it is then ready to be used again. This method doesn’t just reduce waste but it also saves money too because a menstrual cup will last for many years if it’s used and cleaned properly. They are also comfortable to wear as well.

The purple, medical silicone “Menstrual Cups” from LIBIMED are now available from ORION Wholesale. The “Menstrual Cups” come in two sizes: 16 ml (item number 533335) and 22 ml (item number 533343). The cup is delivered with a lint-free storage bag. The cardboard packaging that it’s delivered in has a description of the product on it in various languages as well.

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