New Bathmate Trim Now Available At Eropartner Distribution

By on September 17, 2017

To use the Bathmate range most effectively your gents must be manscaped. Often is asked how short the pubic hair needs to be to create a seal. The new Trim means you no longer have to guess.

Bathmates new Trim made its debut at the 2017 ANME in Burbank, The Trim, designed as a unisex grooming aid proved very popular and initial sales out stripped bathmates initial stock holding. Key to the Trims success was major take up by some of the world’s leading adult toy distributors.
Eropartner placed a substantial order and have reported initial high sales volumes. Tim, Brand Manager at Bathmate and Chris, Commercial Director at Eropartner are both delighted with the way the Trim has been received by the market and are super pleased with the initial orders.
Tim said “its great that Eropartner have picked up the Trim, and they have done a fantastic job in promoting the Trim to their customers.”
For more information on the trim or to place an order please contact Eropartner Distribution.

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