New “Black Velvets” Anal Toys from You2Toys

By on February 6, 2019

Flensburg, DE – The current ORION sex report has revealed that 19% of the participants have anal sex on a regular basis. This is no surprise as the stimulation of the anus feels very good for both men and women. The anus has various nerve endings that strongly react to touch. Couples who have explored this sensitive spot once, integrate anal stimulation into their lovemaking quite regularly. That is because anal intercourse stimulates a man’s P-spot or a woman’s vaginal wall which also feels extremely pleasurable.

There are new sex toys from the label “Black Velvets” from You2Toys available at ORION Wholesale that set a focus on anal stimulation. These special sex toys are made out of black silicone. Their smooth surface, combined with a water-based lubricant, provides wonderful lubrication. The toys all have very elaborate designs – from handy handle loops or small handles to guarantee that the toys don’t slip out of position up to stimulating grooves and bulges that provide additional stimulation. From now on there are 7 new models available.

The anal beads “Plug & Beads” (Item No. 533165) offer two types of stimulation for all anal experts: there is a butt plug at one end and flexible anal beads with 4 beads at the other end – in the middle is a stopper that prevents either end from sliding in too far.

The anal beads “Rechargeable Beads” (Item No. 592820) guarantee irresistible and intense anal sex, because the 5 connected beads have different and exciting shapes to provide an intense stimulation of the pleasure tunnel. The top 3 beads are pleasantly flexible, the 2 following beads form a unit with the stopper. To even intensify the thrilling stimulation, there is vibration in seven different modes as well.

The “Rechargeable Butt Plug” is available in sizes S (Item No. 592790), M (Item No. 592803) and L (Item No. 592811) and leaves nothing to be desired. It is easy to insert thanks to the narrow tip and it has a big base that can be either used as a stopper or as a handle. The plug stimulates the anus with its 7 thrilling vibration modes and its silky-smooth surface leaves a velvety-soft feeling on the skin. It is splash-proof and very easy to clean.
The “Rechargeable Plug” (Item No. 593443) stands out because of its wavy shaft, the base and the seven vibration modes that can be controlled at the push of a button. It is perfect for P-spot stimulation, but women can also use it for vaginal stimulation.

Small but powerful is the “Finger Vibrator” (Item No. 592978) with its grooved tip and the spot-on stimulation: the handy finger vibrator can easily be put on a finger so that it’s ready for use straight away! The extremely soft surface gently caresses the skin and the gentle vibrations provide an electrifying sensation all over the body – the perfect toy for foreplay! The finger vibrator is also great as a passionate little helper during sex. Its grooved tip provides spot-on stimulation of the nipples, testicles and of course the clitoris.

All sex toys from “Black Velvets” are delivered in high-quality cardboard boxes with item descriptions in various languages.

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