New ‘DigiRegs’ Content Management & Protection to Make Industry Debut

By on January 18, 2015

SAN DIEGO – Following months of beta testing and fine-tuning, new DigiRegs copyright protection software is now available to adult sites around the world looking for a non-intrusive alternative to what’s currently on the market. This program has already been integrated into some of the most notable tube sites and adult entertainment destinations online with data-driven results, and the company is now offering demos to all companies interested in learning more about how DigiRegs is different.

The DigiRegs team is heading to Internext Jan. 17-20 and hosting demonstrations twice a day from noon-1 p.m. and 4-5 p.m., teaming with top ad broker TrafficHaus to create an interactive experience. Team members will be on hand at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to show new and potential clients how this easy-to-use interface can help protect content while optimizing their traffic and ad revenue.

DigiRegs makes it easy for clients to process content files and specify what they want the system to do if their files are matched online. Should a match be found and flagged, DigiRegs instantly notifies the producer and publisher and creates a real-time record – and then it’s up to the clients to decide what to do next. The producers can attach custom advertising banners or sell space for each video, and the publisher can place the banners to optimize their ad revenue and boost traffic.

“We created DigiRegs to offer a scalable, flexible and completely dynamic content management and protection system that would be easy to integrate into any existing system,” a DigiRegs representative said. “Real-time protection and notification give clients more control over their content, as well as instant feedback and user data that can help them better target their advertising. And that’s why we’ve chosen to team with the TrafficHaus guys for our initial roll-out and demonstrations – they have their fingers on the pulse of the adult ad service and solutions industry and there isn’t another company we can imagine working with.”

To see how DigiRegs can integrate into your system, contact your preferred TrafficHaus rep today – or come to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Penthouse Suite Jan. 17-20 to catch one of two demos taking place every day of Internext!

From its promise of 99.99% accuracy against copyright theft, to its ability to grow advertising potential via their relationship with TrafficHaus, DigiRegs can boost revenue and file protection for every adult content producer online.

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