New sex toy which promises tantalising ‘aquagasms’

By on December 16, 2014

Couples are lapping up a new water jet which offers sex in the shower.
You can screw the Water Jet Rabbit Vibrator straight on to your showerhead.
It propels a stream of water straight to your sensitive spots and unleashes powerful vibrations on the G-spot for a unique, blended ‘aquagasm’.
The toy also has a separate cap so you can use it as a normal vibrator outside of the bathroom.
The Drops of Sweden $69.99 Water Rabbit is one of Lovehoney’s best selling Christmas sex toys.
It is being snapped up by couples who are using it for sex games in the shower.
A Lovehoney survey found that 93% of couples in Britain had had sex in the bath or shower.
One reviewer said: “It is a great way to get sexy in the shower. One blast of the jet and you are tingling all over.”
A Lovehoney spokesman said: “We’ve been waiting a long time for an effective waterproof toy which is really effective in the shower.
“This is it. Couples are lapping it up as a great way of having fun this Christmas and enjoying aquagasms together.
“It is one of our most popular Christmas gifts.”
The new toy has received extensive media coverage with stories in Metro and the Daily Star.
Shower sex has been immortalised several times on TV and in the movies.
In the American sitcom Will & Grace, wealthy socialite Karen Walker, played by Megan Mullally, famously gets excited in the shower after Will fits a new ‘pulsating showerhead.’

Will & Grace – Will regrets installing a pulsating showerhead:

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