OhMiBod improves connection to life and love with updated App

By on October 15, 2015

STRATHAM, NH, – OhMiBod has just added sexual health and well-being functionality to the OhMiBod Remote app. The new “Oh-Dometer” allows users to log orgasms, set weekly orgasm goals, and view orgasms over time. It then goes a step further by addressing the growing digital divide among couples with instant orgasm notifications. Users can increase interactivity and build connections with partners by sending instant notifications with customizable messages.

OhMiBod Remote puts complete control in the hands of users and their partners. By taking advantage of the accelerometer and other built-in features of Android and iOS devices, the app allows couples to enjoy real-time ambient sounds and create unlimited vibration patterns on the fly. It also features preset vibration patterns, manual intensity controls, in-app notifications for connection requests, and the ability to create private or public accounts with profile pictures.

“Research shows that people with healthy sex lives tend to have healthier lives overall, with benefits ranging from stronger immune systems to lower risk of heart attack,” said Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “Each day, millions of us use technology to track our general health. We chart our heart rates, caloric intake, steps taken, and activity. Keeping track of our orgasms is another important element of this big picture.”

Another significant app development was OhMiBod’s decision to move connectivity away from Google+ and to its own private, secure servers. Previously, the social network was required for couples to connect via Wi-Fi.

“Giving our customers more control over their privacy levels was crucial,” added Dunham. “So many us love social interactivity, but only with our partners or chosen social circle. The OhMiBod Remote now provides the option for public and private accounts, letting users have ultimate control their privacy.”

The app update coincides with the release of blueMotion® NEX|2 — an award-winning G-spot design and the newest addition to OhMiBod’s growing line of Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi compatible vibrators. The NEX|2 is OhMiBod’s follow up to the acclaimed blueMotion® NEX|1, a wearable massager that allows users and their partners to experience pleasure — with complete discretion — anytime, anywhere.

The updated OhMiBod Remote is now available in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. OhMiBod’s newest vibrator, blueMotion NEX|2, is currently shipping and retails for $129.

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