OhMiBod Promo Video Pushes Envelope, Goes Triple Platinum on YouTube

By on October 3, 2015

STRATHAM, NH – OhMiBod’s work to shift attitudes about sexual well-being helped its video, “OhMiBod… I’m In Love With You.” reach 6.5 million YouTube views. Australian singer-songwriter Irwin Thomas wrote the song for the high-tech pleasure product manufacturer. His vocals and beats provide a backdrop to a racy, one-minute romp that first launched in 2011.

“When making the video, we knew it would be risqué and maybe even controversial, but we also knew that viewers would learn everything they needed to know about OhMiBod in that single minute,” said Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “One of our early goals was creating a pleasure tool that stimulates the body as much as the senses, and this video says ‘mission accomplished.’”

OhMiBod now has a new mission: connecting couples at any distance. A new goal meant creating a new, forward-thinking video — this time, featuring a couple bridging the distance between them with a blueMotion® Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi compatible vibrator. The growing blueMotion® line includes a wearable massager for complete discretion and an award-winning G-spot design. Both products allow users and their partners to experience pleasure — together — anytime, from any distance.

“OhMiBod… I’m in Love with You, v2” has racked up more than 140,000 views since its release.

Other OhMiBod innovations include the Remote app and the acclaimed Lovelife line. Inspired by its co-founders’ 26-year relationship, each Lovelife product was named and designed to reflect the key components to their successful union: share, adventure, discover, smile, flex, dream and cuddle. OhMiBod is also renowned as the creator of the original “iPod vibrator.” Its wireless, music-driven vibrators provide a dual sensory experience for singles and couples alike.

“At OhMiBod, we have a number of goals related to sexual health and wellness. Achieving those means making a commitment to pushing the envelope — not just with technology but also the ways we raise awareness,” added Dunham. “These videos are fun to make and even more fun to watch, but what’s most important is that they showcase our bold, inventive spirit.”

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