OhMiBod Unveils New Mainstream Ad Campaign for Lovelife Line

By on November 17, 2016

STRATHAM, NH, – OhMiBod, a leading innovator of sexual health and pleasure products, has rolled out a new sex-positive ad campaign targeting mainstream audiences. The campaign’s video spot was created to be a memorable conversation starter that shines a light on OhMiBod’s Lovelife line of sexual health and lifestyle products.

“Our products are continually evolving and it’s important for our ads to reflect that,” said OhMiBod co-founder Suki Dunham. “During the creative process, we decided that we wanted to create an ad that could be run during say, the Super Bowl. Many advertisers develop racy commercials to promote their brands. Our approach lead us to go beyond that focus. This new ad is clever, playful and fun. It is tasteful and raises awareness for and lessens the stigma of sexual health among mainstream audiences.”

In “Life’s Essentials,” the audience learns that no matter what changes one makes in life, pleasure is essential. The setting recalls a situation familiar to all: the annual spring cleaning ritual. The audience watches a woman get rid of all the things she no longer needs—clothes, gadgets, board games, accessories. Then she opens a drawer and spies her Lovelife toy.

OhMiBod entered the industry in 2006 with the first music-driven vibrator. In the years since, it has produced two other viral video ads, “OhMiBod, I’m In Love with You 1” and “OhMiBod, I’m In Love with You 2,” to great fanfare. The videos have accumulated more than eight million views on OhMiBod’s YouTube channel.

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