ORION Wholesale Exclusive with Rocks-Off: “Couple’s Cushion” – the 3-in-1 sex toy!

By on February 12, 2019

Flensburg, DE – The 3-in-1 sex toy “Couple’s Cushion” – which Rocks-Off designed exclusively for ORION – fulfills three sexual desires at once.

“Couple’s Cushion” is a rechargeable vibrating cock ring that is shaped like a soft and dotted cushion with a flexible hole in the middle. This way, the small love cushion can be used as a cock ring for masturbation as well as a lay-on vibrator for clitoral stimulation. The “Couple’s Cushion” is also perfectly suitable for fun in twos – when the small cushion is slipped over the erect penis, the soft dots provide a pleasurable stimulation of the clitoris during lovemaking. It also has an easy to use remote control to adjust the ten vibration modes.

“Couple’s Cushion” is now exclusively available at ORION Wholesale in black (item no. 05937370000) and purple (item no. 05937450000).

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