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By on May 31, 2017

ORION Wholesale is a true pioneer and has been successfully trading in the adult industry for over 30 years. With its extensive best seller assortment, packaging designs and labels, Orion has influenced the erotic industry in a permanent way. Orion is one of Europe´s most successful erotic wholesale companies¬, and is also active in Australia.

ORION is based in Flensburg, in far North Germany, on the Danish border. The wholesale division is the largest sales channel in the ORION group, and is joined by the separate catalogue mail order company and the specialist brick and mortar stores.

Orion owns approximately 150 specialist stores in Germany, plus Austria, Spain and further stores in the Scandinavian countries. To give some perspective on the size of the wholesale division, the overall office and warehouse area is 18,500 sqm with 85,000 pallet and storage box spaces with an additional back up 2000 pallet storage spaces.

What started off as a “two person department” that was responsible for supplying the foreign branches of the ORION group with products, became one of Europe´s most successful erotic wholesale companies. ORION Wholesale stands for fair and stable prices, high delivery capacity and competent, service-oriented advice, and has received many national and international awards in recognition for these services.

The main focus is on building trustworthy business relationships and developing personal contacts. The ORION sales team visit their customers and have fixed, scheduled appointments globally.

ORION also provides customers with customised promotional material such as catalogues, flyers, posters, product testers and displays so that they can advertise their products to their own customers.
Brands and Packaging
ORION sets standards with its own labels, quality-controlled products and customer-oriented product developments. Some of the better known house brands are the lingerie lable, “Cottelli Collection”, the high-class lingerie from “Abierta Fina”, the fashionable party outfits from “Red Corner”, the fetish brands “Bad Kitty”, “Black Level”, “LateX” and “Zado”, the popular “You2Toys” or the best-selling sex toys from “Close2you” and “Sweet Smile”. The products are delivered in innovative, environmentally-friendly, promotional packaging and there is also a description of the item in various languages as well.

The market-leading labels and products are well-known around the world and stand for ORION´s successful, sustainable strategy, which has the necessary tactfulness for the erotic industry. Retailers and customers trust in this know-how and benefit from the variety of products and labels that are high-quality and have brand recognition.

Quality Management
As a responsible company, impeccable quality of products is essential – especially when it comes to sex toys. The Flensburg team work together with well-known laboratories, which examine the products´ material properties before they get added to the assortment. Only toys made out of skin-friendly material pass the quality control checks and extensive reports conclusively confirm these attributes. Even though this process is quite time-consuming and expensive, it gains customers´ trust and guarantees that ORION´s product assortment is independently tested, modern and reliable. The functionality of the products is also independently tested by product testers.

Furthermore, the internal quality management ensures the continuous monitoring and optimisation of the products. This also involves regular reviews of suppliers on their premises, as well as constant observation of the changing guidelines and the current and future requirements.

“We move eroticism – quickly, reliably and flexibly!” ORION Wholesale follows this motto by supplying its customers with up to 80,000 items per day. ORION Wholesale also completes just-in-time or drop ship fulfilment for some large retailers. Smaller orders and pallet orders usually leave the warehouse within 1-2 working days.

Stocks are also continuously increasing, thanks to constant positive business development. This means that there are new logistical challenges and increasing logistical demands. The standardised, multi-order-picking system, the three pick-by-light systems and the two material flow computers ensure quick processing of orders, meaning that wholesale customers on all 5 continents receive their ORION orders on time.

It is important for ORION to react to this increase with efficient and lean processes, in order optimise the flow of goods. Innovative, flexible and highly efficient warehouse logistics is essential for meeting customer demands with the usual reliability. ORION is well-equipped for this, thanks to it’s new, modern, automatic high-rack warehouse.

These state of the art processes, enable ORION Wholesale to guarantee its’ customers the best possible service, now. and in the foreseeable future. Customer satisfaction is extremely important for the Flensburg company and that is why the team, give their all, every single day to provide a great service – uncomplicated, fast and friendly!

Founder: Dirk Rotermund / CEO: Maike Rotermund
Founding Year: 1981 -ORION Versand GmbH & Co. KG / 1985 – ORION Wholesale
Staff : 300 in Flensburg, 1,000 worldwide

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