OVibe, Grows and Heats Up, Launches on Indiegogo

By on July 8, 2017

OVibe, made by Oivita, is a smart vibrator designed to bring personalized experiences to women. The OVibe is the second pleasure product that has come from the makers at Oivita. The ORing was their previous Indiegogo campaign that successfully raised nearly $50,000. The OVibe just launched on Indiegogo and is looking to secure $30,000 in funding, or pre-orders.

OVibe uses the latest Artificial Intelligence technology that listens to the body’s signals and learns what each user likes. OVibe has a patented smart growth technology that allows it to automatically swell up to 37% according to individual needs. The smart pleasure toy can teach itself to respond to the user’s unique needs in only three to five uses. It is capable of heating itself to a comfortable 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The smart vibrator has an ergonomic design made from medical grade silicone to ensure users are only using the safest materials on their skin. With a skin-like silicone, it feels like the real thing.

“When developing OVibe, we found in our research that many other pleasure toys are not designed to be connected with an application. The OVibe has the technology to send information over to the user’s smartphone, which can control the vibrator directly from the app,” said Marketing Manager at Oivita, Andrea Martinez. “We want to provide a high-end but easy-to-use product to consumers. We’re excited to have launched the OVibe so people can enjoy it themselves.”

The OVibe is endowed with a smart auto vibration feature that responds to the body to consistently give the best experience possible. This innovative technology understands what the user likes and remembers the user’s settings for the next time it’s used. Users are also able to manually choose between zero and 100% vibration strength to find what feels right. Users can control the vibration levels and patterns on the mobile app. Within the app, users are able to create new vibration patterns and save them or choose from pre-existing patterns.

The smart vibrator provides users with double the battery life of other average brands. With regular use, the OVibe can last up to five hours. On its most powerful mode, it can last up to two hours. It uses universal standard wireless Qi charging and is compatible with any Qi charger. OVibe is 100% waterproof with an IP rating of 68, making it easy to clean.


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