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By on October 30, 2019

With urethral sounding gaining ever increasing popularity, Synergy asked Josh Ortiz, Road Warrior Sales Representative from XR Brands to give us the rub.

The thought of shoving a rod down your pee hole may send shivers down your timber, and that’s totally valid. I get it. Anyone who’s had a catheter gets it. So why would anyone do that for pleasure? Can it even feel good? Does it hurt? What can I expect from it?

Grab some chardonnay and settle in, friends. We’re about to dive dick first into the world of urethral sounding.

First things first, let’s get the catheter worries out of the way.

There are a few reasons that proper sounding tools and techniques are far less uncomfortable, physically and psychologically, than catheters.

The tools. Catheter tubes are designed for one purpose – to drain the urine from your bladder into a vessel outside of your body. The way that is achieved is through a series of polished holes on the sides of the tube near the tip. I don’t care how polished and smooth those holes are – when they are sliding through a snug body canal, they are going to drag and scrape. Drag + scrape = discomfort.

Sphincters. I expect you to read that loudly in your mental reading voice. We have multiple sphincters in our lower half, but the snuggest of these live in our bladder – and there are two. The purpose of these are to keep our pee where it belongs, until it’s time to actually go to the restroom – hence why we don’t dribble down our legs all day. A catheter has to breach not one, but two super snug ‘exit only’ doors to make its way into the bladder. Sounding rods do not enter the bladder – so no barging through those two exits.

Mindset. It’s never a great day when we have to have a catheter inserted. Most often, we are anxious and there is a stranger holding our penis in their hands like an unbaked tube of bread dough. All of those feelings translate into one uncontrollable body response – tighten all things. That includes your core, and the muscles that stem from your core – a.k.a., the penis. When we participate in sounding, we are in a far more relaxed head space. Light a candle, tell Alexa to play slow jams and go at your own pace. There’s no rush, no strangers, nothing to stand in the way of relaxing and enjoying the thrill of new sensations.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can focus on the fun stuff. There is a lot of amazing ways our bodies can experience pleasure. The biggest roadblocks to finding those ways are the stigmas and shame we allow to cloud our vision of ‘appropriate’ sexuality. Throw that stuffy thinking in the fire, and embrace that pee hole, bro!

Why sounding?

The sensation of fullness. If a vagina owner wants to experience the sensation of fullness, they can take an item of girth vaginally. If a penis owner wants to experience that same sensation – while maintaining the integrity of their anus – there aren’t really many other options. Entering the urethra, for a penis owner, provides that anterior (front) sensation of fullness. Not the: I-have-to-stop-to-poop-feeling. The: I-don’t-want-to-stop-even-though-I’ve-got-to-pee-feeling.

The Moon Walk! Your prostate is like the moon – you can only ever see or touch it from one side (dat ass). By incorporating a full shaft sounding rod like the MasterSeries Invasion Silicone Urethral Training Set (AE720), or the Hegar Metal Sound series (AE621), you’re able to stimulate the prostate gland from the anterior side, rather than the posterior. What does that even mean? It means your prostate and penis will be like Princess Jasmine on that magic carpet ride – experiencing a whole new world.

The skin that comprises the penile urethra is wildly similar to the skin that comprises the inside of the vagina. That’s a super fancy way of saying it feels amazing because there are nerves running up and down the shaft that respond positively to penetration like the vaginal nerves can.

Shooting your shot with FORCE! Urethral plugs like the Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Plug Set (AE840) are designed for the wearer to be able to pee and cum with them in place. Let’s get into Dad Mode for a minute, shall we? Do you know when you’re in the backyard doing dad things with a garden hose, and you pinch it to make the spray that’s coming out even stronger? It’s that. By essentially narrowing the exit space with a urethral plug, coupled with the intensity of urethral driven orgasms, ejaculate will spray like a t-shirt cannon at a sporting event.

Every new and exciting way to play is just that – new and exciting. Our goal is to give you the knowledge behind that excitement so you can actually enjoy the ways your body works. Let’s get into the logistics:

There are 2 primary sounding materials: stainless steel and medical grade silicone.
• Products for image placement below
• Hegar Metal Sound series (AE621)
• Bolted Deluxe Silicone Sound Set (AF241)
• Dockers Silicone Urethral Penis Sound Set (AF398) ]

Stainless Steel is weighty, obviously. That means it is going to slide down the shaft far easier (and more quickly) than its silicone counterparts.

Lubricant keeps metal slicker than silicone for long term wear. If you’re wearing a urethral plug like the Libertine (AC457) or an insertable chastity sound like the Asylum Locking Chastity Cage (AD147) for longer than just a masturbation session, metal is going to be more comfortable upon removal.

If you choose to sound with a full length metal rod, my advice is to lubricate and insert the tip of the rod into your flaccid penis, and begin to masturbate and get hard around it. Metal has absolutely no give, and it’s a safe bet that your penis isn’t perfectly level. It’s easier and safer to build an erection around a straight rod than shove a straight rod into a curved erection.

Silicone is smooth and very flexible. It has a lot of give, but has to be fed into the urethra manually.

Lubricant may dry up more quickly on silicone, so the chance you’d need to re-lube is high. This is especially true if you’re engaging in edge play. It’s not a deal breaker at all – just remember to have a good lube on hand.

Since it has so much flexibility, silicone can be more comfortable for long term wear. It’s also great to wear in areas with metal detectors, like the courthouse or airport, without setting off the alarms.

Sound Length

The length of a sounding rod can be intimidating but remember that you’re not trying to turn your phallus into a fiddle. Listen to your body. If 1” into the tip feels amazing, then let it feel amazing! If you want to explore deeper and realize 3” into the shaft feels even better – but anything more than that is uncomfortable – then pull out a little and stick to where it feels the best. If you want to experience the prostatic sensations, you’ll have to go deeper into the shaft – but that doesn’t mean there’s some sort of race to the finish line. Take it slow. Do what feels good and stop when it doesn’t.


Grace your penis with lubricant! Lube is the best friend of any snug orifice that something is trying to penetrate. Our urethra is no different. The type of lube depends on you, but here’s my two cents:

Silicone: Great on the slip and the slide, but not water soluble, so that means it’s much harder to pee out when you’re finished.

Water based: Super easy to pee out when playtime is over but the need to reapply can be strong, especially if you’re edging. One I haven’t needed to reapply often is Passion Natural lube with Aloe Vera (AG178)

Hybrid: Like the last bed Goldilocks tried – the best of both worlds. Hybrid tends to have the super slippery qualities and the longevity of a silicone lube, but it has the ease of peeing out like water based.

There is much debate on using a sterile lubricant vs. a ‘regular’ lube. If germs are a thing about which you concern yourself, your safest bet is lubricant in sealed foil packet form. Rip, dip the rod, insert, discard.

Hollow vs. Solid Rods

Hollow rods are meant to be worn during orgasm and ejaculation. They accommodate the exit of any fluids from the penis immediately upon release.

Solid rods, if you orgasm with them still in place, are a little different.

Your semen will backflow into your bladder. Not as horrific as it sounds, but it’s really important to pee immediately after you orgasm. I suggest sitting down to pee so you’re able to completely empty your bladder.

Pee, pee, and pee some more. Then urinate for good measure. Regardless of the material, lubricant, or type of sound – it’s imperative to pee as soon as you’re finished. Any bacteria that are introduced to the urethra can travel to your bladder, which makes its way up to the ureters, and catches a train to the kidneys. Long story short – you don’t want a kidney infection or UTI. So pop a squat and pee with purpose.

When trying any new method of play, it’s important to remember to listen to your body. Go with what feels good, communicate about what doesn’t, set and stay within your boundaries of comfort, and as always – keep it kinky.

Disclaimer- This is how players use it but we advise you to consult your medical professional before you insert toys into your body. Done improperly, these activities could cause bodily injury.

Josh Ortiz, XR Brands

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