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By on February 17, 2016
Perfect Fit Plug

Steve Callow is well known veteran in the adult novelty industry, he has designed several renowned top selling product lines. Following the success of those products, Steve decided to focus all of his efforts into a brand new company, Perfect Fit Brand which allows him to sell all of his unique designs under one label.

Tell us about your premises
Having employees in several different cities, Perfect Fit is definitely a company that is able to function with the advancement of modern technology. Marketing and Sales are done out of our Southern Florida location which allows us great weather all year long and fairly easy travel distances to most tradeshows and industry events. Our logistics are done out of our Toronto location with employees in Montreal and China supporting them, and our fulfillment is done from Los Angeles.

How and to what countries are you selling to? Sales channels? Distributors vs direct sales.
Most of our sales at this point are direct to distributors, big chain stores and a few large online sites. Our biggest market is the US, where we started with 2-3 distributors, but we saw as we added more distributors, the trend was that sales went up across the board, so we currently have about 10 full line US distributors.

In Europe and Australia we had exclusive deals for about 3 years and we recently opened up those markets and we are happily seeing the same results. We are starting to do more direct to consumer business but right now that is a very small part of the pie, but definitely a direction we want to focus more on in the future.

Perfec tFit Brand logo

In terms of growth, where do you see yourselves now? How are the markets developing globally for you?
As our products and being designed and marketed towards a more broad audience, we are definitely poised for huge growth around the world. We will never forget our loyal core customer, but we want to take them on the ride with us as we expand into different product categories and ranges. We think that having developed a reputation for world class customer service, quality products, and original designs, our customers will follow us as long as we don’t forget where we came from.
How do you promote, create awareness, social media, trade shows.

At this point we try to do all of our new product release at the ANME show in Los Angeles. Our distributors are all there and they know to expect some new and exciting designs from us at that show that they won’t see anywhere else. We are steadily growing all our social media focusing the most on Educational Marketing with videos featured on our YouTube channel. We are slowly closing in on a million views which is pretty spectacular for a company our age and size.

Direct sales? Amazon, Ebay, your thoughts?
Ebay & Amazon are a great sales channel with incredible reach, but it has been a bit of a headache for us, and I assume it has been for other manufacturers. We have recently developed a strategy that we will be implementing in 2016 which we hope will solve some of the problems we have encountered.

What percentage of your product do you think is sold online vs brick and mortar stores?
Since we aren’t privy to see who our distributors are selling too, we guess it’s somewhere around the 50/50 range, but that’s just an educated guess.

What can you tell us about working with retailers? Demands, support requirements
We love working with our retailers. We do as many in store trainings as possible that are coordinated though our distributors. We also try to provide as much POS as possible with posters, slat wall covers, brochures and lanyards. For 2016 we are designing some really impressive POS materials that we hope are going to change the way our products are sold in retail. I can’t give too much away, but we are really excited about it.

What can you tell us about working with distributors? Demands, support requirements
I guess there is a fine line of trying to support all our distributors equally, and we do that pretty well. Every time you turn you head there is another distributor show, catalog, Spiff opportunity, etc. and being a fairly small staffed company, we can’t do them all but we try hard to do enough to keep everyone happy and maximize sales for everyone.

What are some of your best selling items?
Our Fat Boy line of extenders has been one of our most consistent selling product lines since we launched them in our first year. Reading the product reviews we see most consumers of that line are straight couples, so that product is responsible for introducing us to that market. We have found retailers who carry the fat boy will then pick up our some other products which might be new for them, so it’s worked out pretty well.

Also our new full-range erfoflo shower and travel douches have gotten off to an incredible start. We expect these to quickly become the industry’s leading line of douching products.

How has the European market in terms of distribution and retail evolved?
Well we now have 3 full line distributors throughout Europe and all 3 have seen exponential growth over the past year and we expect it to continue throughout 2016. We don’t sell direct to retail in EU but the feedback we hear supports that.

What brands/product categories are you now manufacturing and how did you select these?
We recently launched ourselves into the pegging market with our Zoro premium silicone strap-on system. Being a completely new category for us, we were happy to have such a great reception when we launched at ANME. We spent months engineering and testing this product to become the leading strap on in the world, and we think we achieved that with the design. Our motto is “Amazing is our Standard” and we believe this product is representative of that.

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