PHS International Expands Stainless Steel C-ring Series

By on October 8, 2016

PHOENIX – PHS International has expanded its top-selling stainless steel cock ring collection to include new finishes, a new color, and expert detailing that’s become synonymous with the boutique manufacturer. Known for designing steel cock rings that are as much fashion statements as they are sexual enhancers, PHS International is once again delivering eye-catching intimate adornments with a harder edge made to wear beyond the bedroom.

BLU is a new stainless steel cock ring with a brilliant blue sapphire finish, available in 1.75-inch, 1.875-inch, and 2-inch sizes. RIM is an elegant stainless steel ring with a matte brushed finish and inlaid silicone bands, a design element made in two styles: Mega features three silicone bands and is available in 1.77-inch and 1.97-inch sizes, and Regular features two silicone bands and is available in 1.77-inch and 1.97-inch sizes.

“PHS International’s stainless steel cock rings have been some of our top-selling items thanks to their seamless quality, cohesive packaging, and competitive pricing,” PHS International General Manager Michael Merrill said. “Our designs are proven wildly popular with shoppers because we cater to men who prefer the rock-hard look and strong statement that only our stainless steel cock rings can provide. The unique designs, quality materials, accessible price points and cohesive branding have also won over distributors and retailers.”

Each style features a branded hangtag attached to a ball and chain with a velvet drawstring storage bag, and now customers can request a new POP display to showcase the designs with a tough yet luxe look.

“We know cock rings and have a special awareness not only of what consumers want, but also how to anticipate their needs,” Merrill said. “Stainless steel is not for novices and it takes an expert understanding of the fit and design elements necessary to make a truly successful cock ring. And that’s one of the reasons why customers look to PHS for their cock ring needs!”

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