Pipedream Dominates ANME

By on July 21, 2016

CHATSWORTH, Calif., – Pipedream Products returned from its biggest ANME show ever. The mega-manufacturer kicked off ANME with a giant erection of a 12-foot King Cock, which served as the gateway to the Pipedream super-booth. Protected from a steady stream of gawkers by velvet rope and a security officer, the giant phallus became a beacon for the award-winning, million-selling, King Cock brand.

“Now that I’m the official king of cock, we thought it made sense to finally create the biggest cock in the world for the biggest brand in the world at our biggest show ever,” said Pipedream Products Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “The King Cock line is a steamroller! We know the King Cock Vibrating will be another must-have, monster hit for our customers. We’re also extremely excited about our new Fetish Fantasy Series sex machines and Rockin’ Chair — based on the response at the show, these are going to be easy moneymakers for our retailer partners.”

Pipedream debuted several new products and 2 all-new collections, Dillio and King Cock Vibrating. Dillio is an all-pink, 14-SKU, American-made rubber line with a wide variety of lengths, girths and shapes. King Cock Vibrating is 16-SKU line of bendable, posable, harness-compatible vibrating King Cocks. King Cock also unveiled its world exclusive suspender strap-on harness system and inflatable/rideable versions. Other big showstoppers for Pipedream were the new sex machines and the Rockin’ Chair from the mega-manufacturer’s blockbuster line, Fetish Fantasy Series.

“I can’t remember a show where this many customers were so instantly drawn to one of our products like they were with the Fetish Fantasy Rockin’ Chair,” said VP of Design Kristian Broms. “People saw this purple, rideable machine and they had to come over and ride it for themselves – women and men both. A response like that only means one thing – this product is a hit.”

All new product information is currently being populated on pipedreamproducts.com and will be shipping this Fall.

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