Pipedream Invites Trump to Get His Stump Molded

By on March 10, 2016

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – At last night’s GOP “debate,” republican front-runner and China-made hat pusher Donald Trump assured the American people there was absolutely no problem with the size of his penis. Pipedream Products, the largest United States manufacturer of pleasure products, has invited Mr. Trump to have his penis molded, free of charge.

“I never thought we’d see this kind of nonsense on a debate stage. They’re really turning politics into a joke. And now that they have — Pipedream is proud to do its part,” said Nick Orlandino, Chairman and CEO of Pipedream Products, the premiere novelty, gag and pleasure products company in the world. “We’re happy to have Donald ‘Chump’ come to an actual American manufacturing plant, have his penis molded and finally put his money where his mouth is — anytime he can fit us into his busy tweeting schedule,” Orlandino said with a smile.

Last year Pipedream produced and shipped millions of rubber dildos of varying sizes, colors, and shapes. The company has molded tons of celebrities and adult performers through its 40+ years in the industry. With its recent expansions, the US mega-manufacturer is able to do all genital molding at any one of 4 state-of-the-art Pipedream facilities.

“We’re looking forward to Mr. Trump’s potential visit, but of course we have some concerns,” said MoldMaster Mike, the manufacturer’s senior molding technician. “Assuming we are able to locate Mr. Trump’s penis, the real challenge will be for him to maintain an erection for more than a half-second. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

Provided Trump accepts the challenge, Pipedream will donate all the massive amounts of leftover rubber scrap to Melania Trump’s future cosmetic surgery stockpile.

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