Pipedream Steals the Show on MTV’s Awkward!

By on September 17, 2015

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – After recent features on The Daily Show and Real Housewives of Orange County, Pipedream continues their wave of mainstream media appearances on this week’s episode of Awkward on MTV. Over five seasons the teen comedy series has captured the ups and downs of the millennial high school experience, and this week the girls find themselves amidst a sporadic celebration of sexuality with a party packed with Pipedream products!

With various Fetish Fantasy, Ceramix, and Neon products scattered throughout the room, partygoers aren’t without their favorite vibes in their hands, and the feisty host even slips a Neon Slender G into an uptight attendees purse. At one point, while playfully holding Fetish Fantasy Feather Nipple Clamps against her chest, she exclaims, “I mean, you have to be Nancy Grace not to feel sexy with these suckers on!”

“Our mainstream alliances continue to grow, which just goes to show that even the top names in Hollywood require the top name in pleasure products,” said Pipedream Sexpert and Social Media Manager Sabrina Dropkick. “It’s refreshing to see a young adult series embrace sexual exploration through sex toys and we’re very proud to support this sex-positive message.”

Among the plethora of products featured on the show were Fetish Fantasy Fancy Furry Cuffs, Leash and Collar,Silicone Heart Flapper, Spank Me Paddle, Bondage Rope,Fantasy Mask, Neon Lil Rabbit, Vibrating Cock Ring, and Ceramix No. 9 and 10. View the entire episode online at mtv.com.

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