Pipedream Targets Product Piracy

By on June 7, 2015
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CHATSWORTH, Calif. – In an effort to combat the ever-growing piracy of pleasure products, Pipedream has teamed up with Piracy Stops Here.
“We’ve all been frustrated with piracy and intellectual property theft – and when you’re on top, people are always going to rip you off,” said Pipedream Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “Pipedream’s commitment to the industry is unparalleled – we’re no strangers to being on the front lines and taking a leadership role when it comes to defending our industry. We’re optimistic about our new partnership with Piracy Stops Here to make progress in destroying the scourge of piracy plaguing the industry.”

Since 2010 Piracy Stops Here has reported and removed more than 8 million intellectual property infringements. Last year the company launched a pilot program in cooperation with the Free Speech Coalition, aimed at establishing protocols to curb counterfeiting of pleasure products and trademarked infringement of consumer merchandise. The service protects products against trademark and counterfeit infringement by monitoring and removing any infringing material from ecommerce sites – be it independent operators or the big name e-tailers.

“Piracy Stops Here is delighted to add Pipedream Products to its roster of protected manufacturers,” said Jeff Carter, Director of Piracy Stops Here, Products Division. “The pleasure products side of the adult industry is just beginning to experience the piracy that the content side has suffered for many years. It’s an honor to partner with such an iconic brand and help Pipedream bring brand control and distribution of its products back under their exclusive control, where it belongs!”

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