Pipedream Updates ‘Never Out Top Sellers’ List for Valentine’s

By on January 16, 2020

Chatsworth, CA – Pipedream is thrilled to announce that their Never Out Top Sellers list has been updated with the newest, hottest top-selling products just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The Never Out Top Sellers (NOTS) list offers retailers the security of knowing that Pipedream’s 250 best-selling items are guaranteed to always be in stock. Launched in July of 2019 and updated as of Jan. 1, 2020, it features Pipedream’s hottest lines including Anal Fantasy, Basix, King Cock, Fetish Fantasy, Icicles, Fantasy for Her, Juicy Jewels, PDX, Pump Worx and more. Periodic updates ensure the NOTS list will always feature the in-demand products consumers are looking for.

“Our Never Out Top Sellers list is a huge boon for retailers!” Pipedream Products CEO Matthew Matsudaira said. “Our goal is to ensure that retailers never have empty shelves or racks where one of Pipedream’s best-selling products should be on display. Additionally, the NOTS list keeps retailers abreast of the hottest trends and makes them readily available! We predict many of our customers will take advantage of the list to stock up for Valentine’s Day so be sure to get those orders in!”

The NOTS list has everything retailers need to be prepared for the busy romance season. Retailers are encouraged to place their Valentine’s Day orders soon as rush. U.S. orders must be submitted by Jan. 27, 2020.

There is no sign up required to place orders with Pipedream and new customers get a 5% discount on their first order. The NOTS Promise: All products will be in stock and available to ship, or Pipedream will give you 10% off on your next order of the same product. So far, we haven’t broken our NOTS promise to any of our customers.

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