Pipedream’s Increased Demand Leads to Expansion in Manufacturing

By on July 12, 2018

Chatsworth, CA — There have been many changes at Pipedream in recent months and the company’s new forward-thinking attitude continues to strive for improvement. In an effort to meet the demand for products faster and more efficiently, the manufacturer has expanded its facilities to include new machines that will maximize operating hours and increase output. In addition to growing facilities, Pipedream has also lengthened its operating hours to include a second shift that will further improve fill rates.

Pipedream has seen an especially increased demand for their King Cock, Basix, and Dillio products, which are manufactured in-house at the company’s Chatsworth headquarters. To meet this continuously growing demand, the operations team incorporated three additional machines to process more materials and fill more molds in order to effectively expedite production.

“Our new machines have increased our capacity by 25%,” explained Michael Siegel, Senior VP of Operations. “We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers and this update is one of many that we are implementing so that Pipedream can continue to meet the incredible demand for our products.”

Pipedream’s new machines and production hours come just in time for the July ANME show where the company looks forward to releasing innovative additions to some of their best-selling brands. Prepare for your visit to Pipedream’s booth by making an appointment with your representative now!


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