Pipedream’s Kendra Sunderland Collection to Hit Market in Two Weeks

By on March 5, 2015
Kendra Sunderland Mould

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Kendra Sunderland’s signature Pipedream collection will hit the market even faster than her rise to fame! The infamous “Library Girl” has commanded headlines in the last month after her arrest for filming a webcam show in the Oregon State University library. The 19-year-old faces charges for indecent exposure with a max fine of $6,250 and up to a year in prison. Her next court appearance is scheduled for April 28.

Pipedream snatched up an exclusive contract with Kendra just last week and her collection is already in production. Yesterday’s molding was a huge success and the first two items from this range – an inflatable doll and a stroker – will be available in two weeks.

“It was the best day of my life! We did moldings of my tits, pussy, and ass,” explained Kendra. “It felt weird but it was also super cool and I can’t wait for my fans to be able to watch my cam shows and fuck me at the same time!”

“Kendra’s a natural behind the camera so it’s easy to see why she’s become such a media sensation,” said Pipedream Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “Customers are urged to place pre-orders now as inventory will be limited on these American-made items. First come, first served.”

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