Piu – The Revolution in Male Pleasure is Here

By on February 5, 2016

Los Angeles CA, – thanks to Piu, the smart, luxurious male vibrator, it’s now possible to synchronize your pleasure with erotic movies via your smart phone. Specifically engineered for male pleasure, this new, award-winning product is taking the global market by storm!

Created by US-based IMTOY Inc, Piu is entirely focused on delivering superior pleasure by stimulating the head of the penis with its versatile spectrum of vibration patterns. What makes it even more desirable, is its unique smart device compatibility, integrat-ed through the innovative (and free) Piu app via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

The app allows you to stream a movie from the ever-expanding library, all of which are programmed for Piu to expertly synchronize your pleasure with the rhythm of the movie. This revolutionary concept promises to an incredible new experience each time as it intensifies the vibrations when things ‘heat up’ on screen. Immerse yourself completely -experience pleasure like never before.

Piu is equipped with two main motors at the bottom to stimulate the very sensitive glands of the penis. A third pin-point motor is built into the very end, inside the toy, specifically designed to stimulate the tip. With each motor able to vary its speed, a variety of sensations can be created, ensuring your absolute pleasure and satisfaction. Not to mention that the whisper-quiet motors will ensure discreet enjoyment of your movie-viewing experience.

Created specifically for men, its ergonomic form delivers a mind-blowing orgasm again and again. With a super soft, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, medical-standard silicone interior, Piu is designed to provide you with all-encompassing pleasure – the smart way.

Not only is Piu is 100% waterproof, ensuring that cleaning is an absolute breeze (and completely safe), its innovative magnetic USB charger cable enables quick and convenient charging: simply hold the end of the cable over the terminals and it will click into place automatically. No ports, no fuss, no problem.

The modern toy for the modern man is here – let the pleasure revolution begin!

To find out more, contact Annie! TEL: +1 (562) 372-1861
Email: sales@imtoy.us and visit www.imtoy.us or www.imtoy.com

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